Frequently Asked Questions 


How do i see content previews ? Each NEW POST contains a different number of preview pictures that you can easely view just using the slider arrows on the upper right of the main picture.

How do i download the full version of a photoset/video ? By clicking the DOWNLOAD NOW button inside every post, You will be ridirected to our MEMBERS AREA , and zip download will start automatically.

What is EXTRA CONTENT? With EXTRA CONTENT you access some SPECIAL photosets (or videos ) not accessible with  STANDARD membership. What classifies  content as SPECIAL, ,can  be it is of a  "different kind", for instance a fashion shooting, or any other kind of theme that maybe not exactly "areobic".  As i use to cancel OLD contents to leave space to newer, EXTRA CONTENT includes also "older stuff" so, to not miss any single photo or video......JOIN and DO NOT WAIT LONG TIME ....laugh

How can i access  EXTRA CONTENT? You get automatic access after your 3rd month as basic member  or purchasing an item that includes EXTRA MEMBERSHIP .

How do i know about NEWS and UPDATES? On the right bottom of this page  you can SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER , and automatically recieve relevant updates . I promise i DON 'T SHARE YOUR MAIL ADDRESS WITH SPAMMERS . ...i hate it !





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